How to Give Up Smoking

Many people want to give up smoking (trust me, we hear from a lot of you), but what might be even more important is letting go of smoking.

This is an important distinction and even more important because quitting is 80% (or more) a mental battle.

Giving up is talking to your mind in terms of a sports game or a puzzle that you can’t win. And while it’s true that you aren’t going to win smoking, leaving in defeat is not what I want for you or the message that I want you sending yourself.

You can give up in a game of monopoly or in a game of cards. When you do such a thing you are fighting for another day. However, quitting smoking this way is going to be close to impossible.

This is because you are leaving in defeat, as if you have lost.

You haven’t lost and for this reason I urge you to let go of smoking.

Tell yourself it’s about letting go of smoking. In the same way that you let go of ex-lover who just isn’t suited for you is the same way you give up smoking. You just let them go.

In this way you leave the relationship and you are left whole, free to pursue something else. This is the subtle, but huge difference that you have to tell your mind.

When you let go of something it’s your choice. You make the decision and you move on to better things.

This is exactly how you let go of smoking.

While it may have been something that was once positive for you, it no longer is beneficial for you.

And think about it, what does holding on to smoking really do for you going forward?

It’s not going to make you a better person. It’s not going to help you grow. It’s only going to limit you and hold you back from the life you are capable of living.

It might relieve your anxiety for a few minutes. It might take off some of your stress. It might even fill up some time while you’re bored.

But if you’re really honest with yourself, these are all temporary things and logical you are going to be completely better off if you are just to let go of smoking completely.

You and I both know that the path to a more healthy, resourceful, and better you is to quit smoking once and for all. You will feel better and what you really want in life cannot and won’t ever be found in that cigarette.

So how do you let go of smoking?

You first have to make the decision.

If you are ready to let go of smoking then I encourage you to do so. It’s what we’re all about here.

However, we don’t entertain the thoughts that you are losing something. No, you are gaining something amazing- life, happiness, health. And it has to be that way for you to stop. Letting go of cigarettes is one of the best decisions that you can make.

Take the action today to speak with us and find out how you can let go of cigarettes for good.

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