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There seems to be a resistance from smokers to get help in the process of them quitting. Of course we’ve been able to help a lot of them, but there are many others that have a hard time reaching out.

Whether it is before they are quitting, during, or after I have seen this a few times with the smokers I have worked with.

And actually I don’t believe this has anything to do with the smokers unwillingness to receive help.

It probably doesn’t even have anything to do with the person trying to help them (most times).

Instead, and unfortunately, I think it has more to do with the smokers’ shame surrounding their own path to quitting. Usually they know that smoking isn’t good for them. They have known this for years and still continue to do it. Probably they were even told not to start in the first place.

However, there doesn’t have to be any reason to feel bad about any of this.

There doesn’t have to be shame around smoking. It’s okay to smoke. Of course we are here to help you stop. If that is what you want.

And we believe it will be better for you if you quit regardless. Whether that is with our help or not.

I have seen it many times where a smoker will take on the mindset of ‘this way my habit that I started, my mess that I created, and I will get myself out of it’.

But a lot of the time this doesn’t work.

The fact is, this is an immensely challenging habit to break. One that is going to challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The one thing you need to do is stack all the odds in your favor. This means doing everything you can to get everything working in your favor so that quitting smoking can be as easy as possible.

Even then it will probably be a bit difficult. So it’s okay to get help.

We’re not here to judge. I’m sure we have all made some decisions we don’t look back on fondly. I lost a tooth to a pool ball in a bar bet.

The way we see it, it’s about finding a way forward.

Whatever happened to you in your past, wherever you come from, and whatever decisions you have made before we are here to help you move on and live a fulfilled life.

Because you know it’s not just about quitting smoking.

Sometimes you have things from your past that are still holding you back. Sometimes those things keep causing you to smoke. For those things you might want some help.

We have seen everything and we know how to overcome the obstacles that you are going to face when you decide to quit. For these reasons we know we can help you.

Help to quit smoking is here.

However, everyone’s quit is their own. None of them are the same, and what works for some people don’t always work for others. We are not a one-size fit all company and to be honest we don’t accept anyone to work with us.

Yes that’s right, some people we just can’t help.

But if you truly and sincerely want to quit smoking, and if you are willing to take the steps to become a non-smoker then we are here to help you.

We believe so strongly that working with us to help you quit smoking is the best decision that you could make that we are here for you. If you want help or just a game plan go ahead and book a call with us here:

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