Hi, I’m Shawn Schweier.

I teach smokers trying to quit how to heal their pasts so they can stop smoking for good. This usually happens within 8 weeks or less with no anxiety, fear, or gaining weight.

The technique that has allowed me to make such quick transformations is called Regression Theory.

But it wasn’t always like this. And in fact tragedy led me to where I am now…

You see the man I consider my father, the man who raised me for all of my childhood died before I reached the age of 19. Yes, this was heartbreaking and could have all been prevented.

When I was in high school he was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack that almost killed him. He was sent home and given strict orders never to smoke again. But soon he relented (as I saw him sneaking smokes in the garage) and was back to his old habits. He wanted to quit, wanted to live for something more, but he just couldn’t.

I went through my own path of determination and found my ability to help others come back to a place of wholeness where they didn’t have to smoke anymore. I learned that most of what people are being taught about quitting is wrong and not working. Most importantly, I learned that smokers can heal their core and come to a place of total empowerment where they can do anything.

Thus, I was compelled to help more and more smokers where now it is my mission to help 100,000 smokers quit.

It’s not going to be easy, but if my dad could have had anyone with him there, I wish I would have had the skills I do now, the community we have here, and everything else that might just have saved his life.

This is my story and what drives the mission, but what’s also important is my expertise:

  • Certified Hypnotist from HMI
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Have been training practitioners of NLP for over 3 years
  • I’ve coached people from all over the world
  • Over 100 hours training and developing others
  • Advanced training in Core Transformation
  • Featured speaker at Dojo Bali’s Mental Health for Digital Nomads
  • Have solve client issues involving health, wealth, and relationships for over 4 years.

Wondering about the end of my story? Well I have much more to go through and many more lives to inspire. I’m glad that you are here and if nothing else, I hope that you will get a new perspective on smoking and potentially more inspiration for you living the life you want.

If you would like to talk more with me and develop a plan for you then you can always schedule and appointment here.

I encourage you to live the life you choose to.

shawn schweier